How to improve your smartphone battery life

   Smartphone have come a long way in terms of design, camera, or even processing power. However, we have not seen much breakthrough when it comes to battery technology.
   Here we have listed out some lesser-known tricks that will help you get most out of your smartphone battery:

Trick 1: Turn off vibration
We like the mild vibration while typing on the smartphone keyboard. But they absorb a good amount of battery. Here is how you turn off vibration
  • Go to Setting > Sound & notification.
  • Search for vibrations or other sound.
  • Click on vibrate on touch to turn off it.
  • And also we turn off touch sounds, dial pad tones, and vibration while ringing. 

Go setting
Click on sound & notification.
Click on other sounds.
Click on vibrate on touch to turn off it.

Trick 2: Turn off 'Always' On google Hotword detection. 
Turning off Google's Hotword detection will also improve your android smartphone's battery life.
Here is how you can turn it off:
  • Go to Setting > Language & input > Voice input 
  • Click on Enhanced Google Services.
  • Click on "Ok Google" detection and turn it off.     

Click on "Ok Google" detection and turn it off.

Trick 3: Black coloured wallpapers
If your smartphone boasts an AMOLED display, then applying black coloured wallpapers will help you save a battery life. 

Trick 4: Customize which apps can use location

Most of the apps that are installed on your smartphone constantly track your location. But Keeping it on throughout the day while you don't need location tracking will simply kill your smartphone battery. So turn it off while you don't require tracking.

Trick 5: Don't miss out the android updates
Updating apps might seems unmanageable task, but it actually helps to improve the overall smartphone performance and battery life.

Trick 6: Turn on airplane mode
This is not an everyday solution but can help you cut battery usage. Turing on airplane mode will cut you from outside world. If you are traveling or you don't want to receive any calls or message then turn on airplane mode it will save your battery life.

Trick 7: Remove on-screen widgets
Android operating system is all about widgets that offer tones of information on your smartphones displays. Like weather apps, stock apps, scoreboards etc. but it consumes more amount of smartphone battery.

Turn off weather apps and stock apps

Trick 8: Turn off auto-sync
Apps such as Gmail, Twitter, calendar, constantly replace themselves to offer the latest information but it consumes your smartphone battery. So turn off auto- sync.

 Trick 9: Doze mode ( Android Marshmallow)
Doze mode is the latest addition to android OS and works on a device running Android Marshmallow. The new doze feature is no switches or setting to activate or deactivate it. Doze mode works in the background on marshmallow devices and puts your phone hibernation mode when it is unused for a longer duration.  

Trick 10: Check Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi
Last but not a least; check on Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi and mobile data if you are not using them.
The NFC feature may get turned on if you restart your NFC enabled handset, so keep a check on it.

Watch this how to improve your smartphone battery life

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