Fact or Fiction: Can Your Mobile Phone Cause A Plane Crash?

Have you ever been on an airplane where the pilot and flight attendants have asked all passengers to turn off their mobile phones? How does your mobile phone really affect the airplane and its risk of crashing?

What do we know?

Mobile Devices Can Cause Electromagnetic Interference Yes, mobile devices if turned on without being in “Airplane Mode” can cause interference for airplane communication, navigation, flight controls, and warning systems.

Interference Can Distract The Pilot

While mobile device signals are unlikely to single-handedly cause an airplane crash, they can make the pilot’s job difficult by being a distraction, particularly during take-off and landing. This makes the airplane unsafe and more prone to accidents in that way, according to the International Air Transport Association and Boeing engineer as reported by CNN.

What should we do?

Ask Your Flight Attendant

Each airline is responsible for deciding which types and when a mobile electronic device is safe to use for your flight.

Pay Full Attention To Announcements

Another reason that can make mobile electronic devices a hazard during flights is how they can distract passengers to miss important announcements and safety briefings.

Airplane Mode

If sitting through a 3-hour flight is impossible without your tablet, mobile phone, e-book reader, or laptop, then switch them to airplane mode.

Pay For Inflight Connection

More and more airlines are adding Wi-Fi systems to their planes that can safely manage signals while up in the air according to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), but you might have to pay extra for it!

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