Is cellphone radiation real? Should you be worried?

Cellphone Radiation: Truth or Myth? We see this question all the time: is cellphone radiation real? Should I be worried?

As your Android expert, we felt we should help set the record straight. A Quick Summary Authoritative organizations all over the world like the World Health Organization and the American Cancer Society, agree that cellphone use possibly exposes humans to radiation that can cause cancer, but the research results are not absolutely clear and there is room for debate. What Do We Know?

Cellphones do emit radiation, but specifically low-energy electromagnetic radiation, from their antennas. Radios and television are also in this range. This is different from high-energy electromagnetic radiation, like X-rays, which IS known to cause cancer.

This antenna for recent models of Samsung phones are located at the base of the device, for example, and the human body can absorb this energy if close to the antenna. What Don’t We Know? Research has confirmed that high-energy electromagnetic radiation causes cancer.

However, since high-energy electromagnetic radiation is different from low-energy electromagnetic radiation, which is what cellphones emit, what health effects it has on the human body is not very well understood.

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