Should You Tape Up Your Phone Camera?

Back in June 2016, the Internet noticed that Mark Zuckerberg had tape covering his laptop camera as well as microphone and many decided to do the same, including chief of the FBI.

If computer cameras are a risk, what about our mobile phone cameras?

Mobile Phone Use Is More Personal and Intimate

We take our mobile phones everywhere we go including the bathroom, admit it, and next to our beds when we sleep so shouldn’t we be more worried about taping up our mobile phone cameras?

Mobile Cameras Can Also Be Hacked

Plenty of evidence already show that computer cameras can easily be hacked, so there isn’t much to debate around whether we should tape up our computer cameras.

Is that the case for mobile phones? Yes but not exactly.

Mobile phone cameras can be hacked. We have seen leaked documents from Edward Snowden suggesting that the US government can and does spy on the mobile phones of world leaders, private citizens, as well as leading “more than 61,000 hacking operations worldwide”. We have also seen former Google engineering intern Szymon Sidor demonstrate how easily mobile cameras can be hacked.

You Are Less Likely To Be Targeted

However, mobile phone camera hacks are far less common than computer camera hacks. After all, computer cameras have been around much longer than mobile phone cameras have. So far we have only heard of prominent public figures being targeted—world leaders and celebrities so unless that is who you are, you’re unlikely to be targeted.

Watch Out For Malware

Still, it’s smart to be on the safe side and watch out for malware's, since that is how mobile phone cameras can be hijacked. Also, stay away from random ads that pop-up in your mobile Internet browser and stay extra cautious when opening text messages from contacts you don’t recognize.

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