Time For A New Phone If This Is Happening To You You’ve

You’ve had your phone for a while, you’re used to it, it still looks fine and you don’t really want to spend the money. At the same time, you’re often running out of memory, your phone lags, and a fully charged battery only lasts a minute.

Do you know when it’s time to get a new phone? Watch out for these 3 signs.

1. Your Battery Is Always Dying

If you charged your phone to 100% in the morning and it runs out too ridiculously soon by noon or early afternoon your battery should probably be replaced. Make sure to buy replacement batteries from your phone manufacturers and not off-brand battery, as this can increase the risk of faulty battery fire can mobile phones cause an explosion?

2. Your Phone Has Occasional Black-Outs

This could be due to the display or the battery, depending on whether the phone still buzzes or rings. If you are willing to replace the LCD display or the battery depending on which is broken do that, otherwise, it’s time to get a new phone.

3. Your Phone Screen Is Not Responsive

Unless yours isn’t a smartphone with a touchscreen or you’re wearing gloves and your fingers are extremely cold, when your phone screen starts to become unresponsive or slow, it’s time to go.

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