Whatsapp Insider Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

1 billion people around the world use Whatsapp and almost 70% of people with a mobile phone in India use Whatsapp. This number is even higher in countries with higher mobile penetration rates!

So it is safe to say that Whatsapp has achieved “daily staple” status with good reason here are the latest Whatsapp insider tips & tricks that will make your texting life that much better!

1. Format your text

a: ~text~ putting squiggle lines around your text will strike out your text
b: *text* putting asterisks around your text will bold your text
c: _text_ putting underscores around your text will italicize your text

2. Reply specifically to someone in a group chat

When you’re in a group chat, sometimes conversations get messy. Who is talking to whom? This is when you can type @ and a list of the participants in your group chat will appear. You can then select the person you want to direct your message to, for example, @Tushar or @Anna.

3. Reply to a specific message

You can also reply to a specific message whether you are talking in a group or one-on-one. Long tap on the message you want to refer to and a left-pointing “reply” arrow will appear at the top of your Whatsapp conversation. Click on that and your reply will automatically refer to that message. Pretty neat right?!

4. Use less data when you call

Everyone’s mobile data is always running out unless you are a super heavy user and paid extra for an unlimited plan. Whatsapp realized that and came out with a setting that will lower the amount of data your Whatsapp calls to use. Hooray, we say!

5. Send things to yourself

Whatsapp allows you to send everything from contacts, photos, audio clips, location, and all kinds of other files, texting yourself here becomes an easy way to remember things or draft longer messages. The only thing you can’t do is call yourself through Whatsapp, we tried.

Of course, for information other people have sent you, you can put a star on them to keep track.

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