Tricks you have never tried on Facebook Messenger

Do you compulsively check Facebook on our mobile phones, several times a day, or even more often? If your answer is yes, you may think you are familiar with the social media app but you may be surprised here are awesome secrets you never knew were in the Facebook Messenger mobile app.

1. Get help from a chatbot

Did you know you could talk with a robot on Facebook Messenger and get help on almost anything? Facebook has a list of chatbots here’s the bot list. Our favorite is Recipidea, which suggests all kinds of meals you can make if you name what ingredients you currently have in your fridge.

2. Favorite chat shortcuts

Do you have a favorite person you talk to often via Facebook Messenger? Well doing that just got a lot more convenient because you can actually create a direct shortcut for the chat on your home screen.

Here’s what to do:
Open your Facebook Messenger chat and long press on the person you would like to create a shortcut for. A menu will appear, select “Create shortcut”. Done.
From now on, you can chat in one-tap. No more of that going on Facebook and opening Messenger fussiness.

3. Customize your chats

Facebook Messenger has a default “thumbs-up” icon on the lower right-hand corner. However, you can change this and also change the color of your chat speech bubbles.

Here’s what to do:
Open up the chat you want to customize and click on the small circle with an “i” in the upper right-hand corner of the chat. Here you can choose “Color” or “Emoji” and personalize however you want!

4. Play basketball or chess

Are you into sports or a game of strategy? You can call up either game just by typing “@FBChess Play” or a basketball emotion, in a Facebook Messenger chat. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently challenged soccer player Neymar to a duel.

5. Pretend you haven’t read a message when you have

Are you scared of “seen” or “read” receipts? Do you feel pressure when your friend knows you have read their messages? Facebook Messenger can now undo your read receipts.

Here’s what to do:
 Once you have read a message, don’t reply. Press the “Back” button to return to your list of Facebook Messages. Long press on the conversation which you would like to unread, a menu will appear. Choose “Mark As Unread”. Your read receipt will now disappear even though you’ve read their message!

Bonus: have clearer phone calls for free
If you aren’t using Facebook Messenger to make free calls yet, you’re missing out! The sound clarity of Facebook calls is fantastic!

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