Top 5 Funniest Apps

It’s time to loosen up and have fun! We’ve rounded up the best and most fun and funniest apps that are taking over the app world from East to West by storm.

Check out the list below!

1. Dubsmash

This takes lip-syncing to the next level and everyone from basketball legend Stephen Curry, Hollywood stars, and people from around the globe are HOOKED! Check out the funniest clips selected by Dubsmash here

2. Snapchat

Live capture yourself or your surrounding and put some truly hilarious filters on it to share it with your friends. Snapchat has become a phenomenon, to say the least. Everyone including celebrities and even the US President Obama has snap chatted, much to the First Lady’s dismay! 

3. Snow

Even more, filters to play with and targeted even more towards the Asia market! You could end up turning yourself into a deer, an old man, cute anime, or a sweet potato if that floats your boat! Check out some funny and odd faces here!

4. 9GAG TV

There 9GAG and then there’s 9GAG TV. These videos are guaranteed to make you giggle if not laugh uncontrollably out loud in your office!

5. Vine

Epic short video clips uploaded from the all over the world! Some are just hilarious and others truly amazing like these smooth moves from the dance channel. It’s like Youtube, but even more addicting!

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