Introducing National Programming Aptitude Test - NPAT 2017

Are you the one who keeps wondering how to measure the proficiency of your coding skills? NPTEL, ACM India & Google bring to you the ultimate coding test that will help you improve your performance.

 NPTEL, ACM India, and google have planned to conduct National Programming Aptitude Test (NPAT) on 13 August 2017. The students can sign up from July 9, 2017, to August 13, 2017, up to 10.45 AM. After signing in the student can learn and practice programming in c,c++ and Java. 

The scores will be shared with potential employers who can use this pool to recruit. The link for registration is. . This whole initiative is free of cost. 

NPAT is a Programming Test so you will have to write a full program or sometimes just a function. Some questions could also have incomplete code that you have to complete to get the proper result.

You do not need to know all 3 languages for NPAT. The test has to be answered in ONLY ONE programming language.

If you want to, you can also submit different questions in different languages but each question only needs one language solution to get you marks.

The NPAT format is as follows:
Duration : 3 hours (3 pm to 6 pm on 13-August-2017)
Number of questions: 8
Weightage of questions: 6 questions have 10% weightage each and 2 questions have 20% weightage each


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