Some Signs That Shows You Are Addicted To Social Media

Social media has almost completely changed how many of us communicate and it can be a useful way to stay connected. But is there a point where the obsession with the modern phenomenon goes from harmless fun to an intrusion on your life? If you’re guilty of any of the following then maybe it’s time for you to take a step back from social media

1. Choosing the right status is torturous. 

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Much like deciding on the right selfie, choosing the right thing to say on a status or tweet can be extremely difficult. Usually, the average user’s casual looking status will have gone through rigorous editing, multiple deletions and about 10 re-writes it’s that big of a deal.

2. You closely monitor ‘likes’

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Social media ‘likes’ mean a lot to the social media savvy. They’re a form of acceptance and after a while getting more and more likes can become quite the addiction. To the selfie addict, there’s no bigger achievement than going into double-figure likes on Instagram, and we’re not ashamed to admit it.

3. No WiFi is devastating.

Every now and again terrible things can happen, and for the social media generation, there is no greater devastation than seeing the phrase ‘no WiFi’. Not being able to scroll through never-ending timelines of our friends and family’s uses is a terrifying concept, which is why entering a building which doesn’t offer free internet isn’t even an option.

4. And it takes over every activity

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Ever put on your favorite TV show or film and then an hour later realize you’ve been staring at Twitter the entire time?  Anyone who can’t keep away from their phone knows that even the things you enjoy the most can’t fight the temptation of social media.

5. Your friends only contact you via social media

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Gone are the days of ignoring phone calls and text messages, because with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snap chat there is no escape from being contacted especially when you’re on these apps 24/7. If your friends use these apps to get in touch with you, it’s because they know you’re most likely already on them, as usual.

6. You hear imaginary notifications

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If you’re obsessed with social media then getting a notification can be exciting but when you start to imagine them you definitely have a problem. Many of us have experienced the imaginary phone vibration causing you to frantically check your phone for a notification that never came seriously this is a real thing.

7. And check in at every location

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Do you ever get annoyed when every meal involves someone carrying out the obligatory Facebook check in? If not, then it’s you. It’s OK to enjoy the occasional ‘check in’ when you’re on holiday or at an important function, but doing it every time you leave the house is a little excessive.

8. You spend hours looking at nonsense

Procrastination is a social media addicts biggest weakness we are the worst offenders. Scrolling through endless Vines of cats being scared by their owners, swiping through your ex-girlfriend's holiday pictures on Facebook from over a year ago it doesn’t matter what we’re looking at, we’ll find a way to become enthralled.

9. It’s the first thing you do in the morning

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Almost every social media addict will begin their daily routine by slowly and pointlessly scrolling through what we have missed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more during our eight hours of sleep. Usually, it’s not much, but that doesn’t deter us from staring into our phones.

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